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July 15, 2019

Susan Bratton - Lets talk about sex... Intimacy and romance

Susan Bratton - Lets talk about sex... Intimacy and romance

Lets talk about sex, intimacy, and being with your partner. In this episode I speak with Susan Bratton.


Susan Bratton is considered the Dear Abby of Sex. She's a problem solver for sexual situations. And she extolls wisdom that comes from helping sexual seekers with reality-based, 21st century solutions.

She writes books, publishes online sexual home study programs, does TV appearances, speaks from stages, has an AMAZING (and sexy!) YouTube channel and Instagram feed and the energy to perk you up and give you more than hope... Susan gives actionable advice you can take to the bedroom.

I'm thrilled to have her on the show and she has a free gift for us today from her Amazon #1 international best seller, Sexual Soulmates called, The Sexual Soulmate Pact. 



You can find Susan online at

Susan Bratton - https://susanbratton.com

Twitter - @SusanBratton

Instagram - @SusanBratton

YouTube -  Susan Bratton – Better Lover

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