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Not diagnosed - But pretty sure I will be

I have listened to several podcasts covering autoimmune and yours by far has been the most helpful! Thank you for explaining so many small things that no one else covers.

Thank you. I’m not alone.

I’m 44 and got diagnosed late in 2016. Blab-27 positive. I’ve been listening to these podcasts all night, because I’m in severe joint and back pain. I’m on inflectra every 6 weeks. Keep up the good work I’m learning so much. I think I’m going to invest in a tens unit.

Thank you for hope

I have been listening to this podcast ever since I was diagnosed in January 2022. I have been feeling so down about not being able to take care of my two children under two. You mentioned in the podcast today that your children won’t know what they are missing out on and won’t resent you for it. I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear that. I have been in pain their whole lives and limited to what I can do. Thankfully they will not know me any other way and will love me for what I can do. Thanks for giving me this much needed perspective!

A great companion to your journey with AS

This podcast is a great little snippet and additional tool in your toolbox if you’re someone who’s dealing with alkalizing spondonysis. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone and also be able to get advice from someone who has a lot more experience than I do think it’s been only nine months since I got diagnosed.Helping others feel like they’re not alone is why I podcast personally and it’s nice to get that back from this podcast, so thank you Jason!

Kudos from Sweden

I really enjoy the format - how you mix facts with experiences and use articles, themes and studies as the base of each episode! Very informative and full of helpful suggestions! The only thing I struggle with is the loud intro, but I'm getting used to it 😉

So helpful

This podcast is AMAZING! When I was newly diagnosed, I knew nothing about this condition and I felt so alone. I found the AS Podcast through Instagram and for me it was life changing. I felt less alone and I had more information about AS than my doctor ever told me. If you have AS/AxSpa or know someone with AS/AxSpa, give it a listen. It really helps people to understand what this condition is like for us. This podcast has provided me support both mentally and physically. It has helped me emotionally through Jason’s advice. Jason often gives tips that he or others have tried. I’ve tried most of these tips and they have been very beneficial! I’m only diagnosed a year and a half so listening to someone who has many years experience of living with AS has really helped me.

New Spondy help

I am very grateful for your podcasts. I am a new spondy diagnosed less than 1 year ago at age 41 and am just getting into treatment. It’s SO exhausting and it is very lonely. Thank you for taking the time!

So great!

It is great to have a range of information from people who experience what I do. It’s good to see how people go about doing life well given the circumstances. So thankful!

Everything You Want To Understand & More

This podcast is the perfect addition to an AS diagnosis! I'm so happy to have found it almost as soon as I left the Rheumatologist's office. I've learned so much more about the disease, potential therapies, and ways to improve how you live. Jayson devises a fantastic podcast combination of learning from industry experts, informing his audience of news-worthy arthritis stories and sharing an abundance of interviews from regular people who are in the same medical boat - letting you know that you're not alone! Thanks so much for all you do, Jayson!


Thank you for the open and honest discussion. I look forward to the new episode each week.

Really informative. Jayson always keeps it on topic and interesting, not sure how he makes it so every episode is worth listening to even after so many.

Great information and very interesting.

I love that he interviews doctors, fellow sufferers, lawyers, and people living in countries with different health care systems. He is an energetic host with a positive outlook and many entertaining experiences to share.

I just listened to this episode and kept saying amen! Thank you for what you do, your podcast has been an amazing help in AS journey the past year. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do.

New To This..

How amazing to hear someone else say what I feel daily...Thank you!!! I was diagnosed almost 2 years after IG suffering and misdiagnosis and a failed surgery. I’m looking forward to the next one 🙌🏽🙌🏽💚

Finally a diagnosis

Thank you for your pod casts. Yesterday I was diagnosed with AS, it only took them 9 1/2 years. I’m practically bedridden at this point it has advanced so far. Can it get better?

What an incredible resource! If your newly diagnosed, or have been struggling with AS for a while, you need to take a listen. Jayson Shares easy to understand information, and conversations about the REAL life things we deal with. It’s a super positive podcast where you feel understood and empowered ! Thanks Jayson for all your doing in the AS community!

Very helpful. Only diagnosed last year in June. Jason is full of information for newbies and those that have been dealing with this for decades.

I truely enjoy this podcast

Hi Jayson, I've listened to all your episodes and enjoyed each one. The interview with Doctor Fox was the best. Hope your health holds up and you're able to continue indefinitely. Thank you.

It's so great to hear other people's stories of living with ankylosing spondylitis. It helps me realise I'm not the only one, and there's so much useful information here that I didn't know, even after so many years of having AS. Feels like family!

Three months ago I happened to come across The Ankylosing Spondylitis Podcast, after listening to three episodes I was a mixed bag of emotions. Tears because finally someone got it...laughter because finally someone got it and a little bit afraid because now I had a name for what might be wrong with me. This podcast gave me hope and information like nothing else had. I am enternally grateful that I found it. I am huge steps closer to a diagnosis. I have hope and fear but I now know I'm not alone. I mean it when I say The AS Podcast is one that every person with Spondylitis needs to listen too. Jayson thank you and keep up the amazing work.

Awesome, simply very humane and informative!


I was very glad to hear Jason talk about dating. My experience has been upsetting - in that many men are unwilling to date or go further after the initial meeting, mostly due to the cane and disabled appearance. I just want to stay in my house and not put myself out there. Well, thx for all of the great information, Jason.

Great conversations

Such a great podcast full of relevant conversations related to Ankylosing Spondylitis. Anyone living with AS will benefit from and relate to these open and honest chats!

I created an account to follow you. Spot on information! Thank you!!

Super informative and a great way to keep the community connected!